Fantasy Football Preview – K Rankings
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Fantasy Football Preview – K Rankings

Level 1

  1. Adam Vinatieri(Colts) bye week: 6 age: 34

-for the second year straight, the Colts' enduring Pro Bowler beat our placekicking rankings. Still sharp as a nail at 34, Vinatieri is cash in the bank inside 50 yards. Playing on the indoor turf, alongside being supported by the powerful Colts offense will guarantee that Vinatieri stays at the first spot on this list for another season. Draft him first on the off chance that you take your kicker before the last round.

  1. Nate Kaeding(Chargers) bye week: 7 age: 25

-Kaeding formally push himself into star kicker status with his 26/29 execution last year. San Diego's powerful offense will keep giving the solid legged surfer resemble the other the same a lot of chances for three places and generally, Nate will convey. Draft him with certainty.

  1. Shayne Graham(Bengals) bye week: 5 age: 29

-Graham took a slight plunge in reverse last season as his 25/30 appearance incorporated some simple misses. As yet playing for a powerful offense has a method of buffering your dream positioning assuming you're a kicker. Graham will keep seeing many scoring openings and his consistency will be better than anyone might have expected.

  1. Jeff Wilkins(Rams) bye week: 9 age: 35

-the most loved kicker of me, Wilkins persistently dominates a seemingly endless amount of many years on the counterfeit turf in St. Louis. The phony surface for certain guides in his unimaginably consistency and he will keep stacking up the focuses playing for the high-scoring, Marc Bulger-drove Rams assault. Super precise past 50 yards, Wilkins is an incredible choice for your club. Draft him since I realize I will do as such assuming I find the opportunity.

  1. Robbie Gould(Bears) bye week: 9 age: 25

-what a view this child turned out as for the Bears. Subsequent to being wonderful through 2/3 of the period in under ideal kicking conditions in Chicago, Gould proceeded to complete 32/36 and make his first Pro Bowl. In spite of the fact that kickers in Chicago will more often than not be conflicting because of the whirling winds and severe cold, draft Gould for the initial 3 months of the year and afterward search for a substitution once December rolls around.

  1. Matt Stover(Ravens) bye week: 8 age: 39

-the imperishable marvel by and by was almost programmed as his 28/30 appearance affirms he is as yet a head honcho in this game. Despite the fact that Baltimore's offense consistently appears to battle to score in the 20's, Stover consistently appear to have 3 or 4 FG endeavors for every game which should level up his numbers. Draft him and never stress over your kicking circumstance again.

  1. David Akers(Eagles) bye week: 5 age: 32

-one more model of consistency, Akers set forth/long term for the NFC East-winning Eagles. Regardless of the low number of endeavors, I think Akers is as yet deserving of being a top person for your club. Foreseeing the number of endeavors a kicker will have is difficult to do, so don't allow that to allow you to cruise him by. Draft him and anticipate more endeavors with extraordinary exactness. ซีรีย์เกาหลีน่าดู

  1. Jason Elam(Broncos) bye week: 6 age: 37

-age is starting to cut into Elam's significant distance effectiveness as he never again is the one who regularly blast in 54-yarders with space to save. He is still anyway very precise and the flimsy air in Denver should assist with giving him that additional distance he lost in lower heights. Still has one more top little while left in him so don't stop for a second to draft this record-breaking incredible.

  1. John Kasay(Panther) bye week: 7 age: 37

-another whose age is turning into an element, Kasay's 24/27 appearance last season was another ho-murmur year of greatness for this incredible veteran. Carolina has made it a propensity for attempting to get into the end zone thus Kasay should in any case see a lot of freedoms to score. Draft him assuming you pass up the top folks and be glad you got a strong player you can depend on.

  1. Neil Rackers(Cardinals) bye week: 8 age: 31
    -subsequent to making the Pro Bowl in 2005, Neil Rackers went through fights with irregularity during the 2006 season. Despite the fact that he changed over 28/37 field objectives, those nine misses contained some make capable kicks that Rackers bored during his huge earlier season. Still the Cardinals will score a huge load of focuses and there will be numerous chances for Rackers to the extent endeavors go. Draft him as a deal since he will be minimized because of last year's battles.

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