Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Football Preview
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Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Football Preview

The Pittsburg Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl title and second in 4 years in 2008 by overcoming the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in a heartstopping exemplary. Ben Roethlisberger bounced back from his terrible two or three years sooner against Seattle by finishing 21-30 passes for 256 yards and the match dominating TD to Santonio Holmes with only seconds left. Albeit the Steelers covered their amazing season by winning the Super Bowl they were a conflicting pack the entire year as far as dream execution. With essentially the whole group returning this year will the Steelers offer dream proprietors more week to week choices heading into 2009? I analyze that at this point.

However great as a definitive outcome might have been for Roethlisberger and the Steelers last year the QB ended up being a bad dream for proprietors last year with his conflicting play. Roethlisberger finished2008 with 3314 passing yards alongside 17 TD's and 15 Int's for a rating of 80.2. Not actually the kind of numbers you are searching for out of your number 1 QB. Most importantly Pittsburg is, was, and will forever be a power running crew and in all honesty when Ben is approached to toss a ton he normally finds himself mixed up with inconvenience. Ben is an awesome QB simply not a decent dream QB. He has extraordinary initiative abilities and has his measurable minutes however don't entrust him with your dream group since you will be incredibly disillusioned. Ben really went in the third round in my draft the previous summer and the proprietor who chose him dominated 2 matches throughout the year. Proprietors appear to be getting the point as Roethlisberger has been circumventing the ninth tenth rounds in the counterfeit drafts I have been taking an interest in. Treat him as a functional number 2 choices heading into 2009 yet just that. There are much better choices.

When fruitful the basics of the Steeler offense lies with the running match-up. Last year the group's backfield was hit with various wounds leaving Head Coach Mike Tomlin agonizingly slight at the position. Indeed Willie Parker neglected to endure the whole season missing 5 games and completing the season with 791 yards and 5 Td's. Parker has just played 16 games once in his profession and he will turn 29 part of the way through the season. When sound Parker is most certainly a number 1 choice at RB yet when is he ever solid? Besides, the Steelers will surely be searching for second year back Rashard Mendenhall to make significantly more of an effect in his sophomore season subsequent to playing in just 4 games as a tenderfoot. The Steelers are very high on Mendenhall who is constructed more in the method of what an average Pittsburg back typically resembles. At 5-10 225 Mendenhall is a power sprinter who will unavoidably take short yardage and objective line conveys from Parker who has never truly been a TD machine regardless. With both Parker and Mendenhall both down and out the Steelers crisis plan really stepped in and played genuinely well. Mewelde Moore scrambled for 589 yards and 5 TD's down the stretch run while likewise contributing with 320 yards getting and another score. The ex Minnesota Vikings castoff demonstrated more than equipped for holding the fortification down while Parker was preparing himself for the end of the season games. As far as dream potential I like Mendenhall the most out of all the Steelers RB's for the impending season. It will be a wonder assuming Parker stays solid the whole year and regardless of whether he Mendehall will be the objective line back at minimum exceptionally least. That being said treat Parker as a low end number 3 dream RB heading into the season. Mendenhall is undeniably more intriguing since, supposing that (when) Parker goes down he will have a genuine chance to turn into a stud because of his abilities and the framework he plays in. Mendenhall has been going between the eighth tenth rounds in the counterfeit drafts I have been doing and spending a late round choice on him could end up being a fortune for you as the season continues. With Mendenhall back in the overlap Moore's worth goes down significantly and he has regularly not been drafted in these primer fake drafts. วาไรตี้ผู้ชาย

Comparatively to Roethlisberger the Steelers getting corps has it's minutes yet in my assessment furnishes dream proprietors with just band-aid/coordinate choices on an extremely restricted premise. In spite of the fact that giving positive indications of dialing back Hines Ward keeps on being the Steelers number 1 choice through the air. Ward stays a cagey veteran who is nearly too referred to for his hindering abilities as he is at getting the ball. Ward had a truly pleasant '08 genuinely representing 82 gets for 1047 yards and 7 Td's. The 1047 yards addresses his best yardage absolute since he went for 1163 of every 2003. Ward will keep on being the beneficiary that Roethlisberger will search for when he is when there's no other option or when the Steelers need a grasp get. Later you get your initial 3 beneficiaries Ward is a great choice for you to have on your seat who is deserving of playing time contingent on who Pittsburg is playing. Super Bowl legend Holmes will be the Steelers number 2 choice come first day of the season. Holmes got 55 balls for 821 yards and 5 TD's in 2008 and with Nate Washington leaving for Tennessee should see more balls tossed his direction. Holmes has substantially more huge play capacity than Ward does at this phase of their vocations and consequently Holmes is more significant in dream terms particularly on the off chance that your association grants rewards for long TD's as mine does. Treat Holmes as a pleasant number 3 WR or Flex choice come draft day this August. The just other Steeler recipient that merits a look is second year genius Limas Sweed. Sweed had a somewhat forgettable new kid on the block crusade getting just 6 balls for 64 yards and neglected to arrive at the end zone. Pittsburg has huge designs for Sweed and he is the enormous objective the group has been longing for since the takeoff of Plaxico Burress. Sweed has some genuine sleeper expected heading into '09 and is deserving of a late round pick. Assuming he happens to not get drafted in your association make certain to catch him off the waiver wire on the off chance that you get a possibility and given it all up to fate. Watch out for him. TE Heath Miller is truly not a number 1 choice and despite the fact that on occasion Ben will search for him in the Red Zone he isn't actually used to the point of being anything over a reinforcement utilized distinctly in crisis purposes.

The Steelers DST is dependably a strong unit and assuming you play in an association like mine that remunerates DST's with gigantic point adds up to that can extraordinarily help your odds of winning a title. I realize beyond any doubt what a decent DST can do as I rode the Eagles DST to a title a year ago. With Troy Polamalu and James Harrison proceeding to moor down the protection treat the Steelers DST as a tip top unit and one of the main 3 DST's on the board this mid year. All things considered, that is it for the champs. Following up: The Cincinnati Bengals.

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