Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 1 Wide Receiver Picks
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Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 1 Wide Receiver Picks

Collectors might be the hardest situation to anticipate on seven days to week premise. Deciding who the best collectors in the association are then watching it work out over the entire year is sufficiently straightforward, but since of the one extreme or another nature of the position, picking a recipient for only one game is troublesome. For example, the best getting round of 2010 was when Kenny Britt went for 225 yards and 3 scores against the Eagles. There has all the earmarks of being a few collectors ready to have defining moments in week 1.

Week 1:

  1. Andre Johnson

The whole Texans offense appears as though it will have a gigantic game week 1. They have been kicked around by the Colts since they entered the NFL, and they couldn't get the Colts at a superior time. Assuming Kerry Collins can't support drives, the Colts' guard could spend most of the evening on the field. The Texans will wear out their protection with Arian Foster, which will open up the downfield passing game to Johnson.

  1. Vincent Jackson

Philip Rivers has formed into a best five quarterback in the association, and he loves to toss profound. Waterways stacked up gigantic details last year as Jackson waited, and his return as the main recipient ought to just further develop the pass cheerful San Diego offense.

  1. Hakeem Nicks

With Steve Smith moving to the Eagles, the Giants are down to two essential collectors, with Nicks seeming as though Eli's main objective. He is a major objective that produces in the red zone and is likewise ready to break the huge play. He should set up tremendous numbers against a terrible Redskins pass safeguard เว็บไซต์พนันออนไลน์

  1. Roddy White

The expansion of Julio Jones should assist take with constraining grayish, who is as yet Matt Ryan's main objective. The Bears have a strong pass guard, yet they are getting more seasoned, and White is sufficient to in any case get his numbers.

  1. Brandon Lloyd

Lloyd drove the NFL in getting last year with 1,448 yards and 11 scores. He is underestimated in light of the fact that the Broncos can't settle on a quarterback. Orton will toss him this week, which could mean an important day, particularly against an awful Oakland pass safeguard that deteriorated with the deficiency of Asomugha.

Sleeper: Malcolm Floyd

Floyd had a decent year while Vincent Jackson sat out, however he could be far superior this year. The Chargers will score a ton of focuses each game, and since Floyd will be neutralizing the number two cornerback, he ought to have the option to get more division and break enormous plays.

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