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Football Boot Awards

The Football Boot Awards had their inaugural year in 2007 and quickly established themselves as the premier ceremony in the football boot industry.

Initially comprising of 5 categories including 'Most Comfortable' and 'Football Brand of the Year' the Footy Boots awards were unlike anything that had preceded them. Whilst many doubted that such a niche topic warranted a genuine set of awards, the audience - and readers of print partner Zoo Magazine - helped make the 2007 awards a true breakout success.

The fun didn't stop in the nominations either; despite the infancy of the results ceremony professional footballers Wayne Rooney & John Terry were on hand to represent their respective brands by accepting trophies and signing memorabilia as prizes for voters.

2008 saw the Awards expand at an unprecedented rate; as well as continuing partnership with Zoo magazine, the awards were lent further weight from, Europe's largest sporting good supplier and WorldSoccerShop the US leader.

Voters once again turned out in their droves, registering tens of thousands of individual voters nominating their favourites in a number of new categories expanded to include 'Best Football Shirt' and for the first time a 'Panel's Choice' award; a team of experts from around the industry, including BBC Journalists, Ex-Players and former Boot Designers.

But it was 2009 that has since proven to have an impact on the football boots industry that can still be felt today.

As 2007 and 2008 saw the rise of smaller boot companies, the 2009 Awards were a perfect showcase for new brands who had spent the last 12 months honing their craft. Two new brands picked up awards in the two newest categories - Safest Football Boot & Most Outrageous design. ของสะสมยุคโบราณ

The Football Boots Awards have developed a reputation among the biggest sports companies in the world - not just as an unmitigated success - but as a level playing field between Fortune 500 companies and outrageous upstarts, where good design is the only thing that matters to the ultimate target audience.

2010 sees the awards enter their 4th year, and promises to be the finest yet. A revamped interface promises to make voting this year even easier than before; coupled with extended voting time, expects to receive more votes than ever.

A new print partner has been established in the wildly popular Football Punk magazine, whilst and are both lead sponsors again.

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