1 Million Dollar Prize for Fantasy Football
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1 Million Dollar Prize for Fantasy Football

Playing in the workplace dream football pool with an expense of $20 and a pool of $240 ain't close by anyone's standards to what the enormous young men play for.

The stakes are higher however the rewards are extremely high. For instance, in front of the rest of the competition victor of the World Championship of Fantasy Football WCOF - gets $200,000 dollars in addition to a gem prize and excursion to Miami. เว็บเล่นคาสิโน

As usual, the disadvantage is you need to put down cash. In the model over it will cost you $1495. You will likewise need to appear either in Las Vegas or Atlantic City on draft day. The opposition is bounty. In the WCOF, there are 70 associations with 12 groups a piece.

There are a larger number of prizes than simply the amazing prizes in this load of Fantasy Football Tournaments. In the WCOF, simply being the class champion gives you $6000 - in addition to in the event that you get fifteenth spot generally you get $2900 and it ascends to $200,000 for the top player. The rundown continues forever for different freedoms to win back your cash and that's just the beginning.

Dream Football has shown up way. Who might of figured individuals could get by on dream football? However at that point who might of thought 25 years prior poker would be broadcast on ESPN with champs making 1,000,000 dollars.

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