Top Heavy Offense V Underwhelming Defense – Something’s Gotta Give
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Top Heavy Offense V Underwhelming Defense – Something’s Gotta Give

The authoritative Super Bowl champs are staggering, and there seems, by all accounts, to be seemingly no end in sight as Pittsburgh (- 6.5) has a San Diego Chargers group that will pull out all the stops or return home. In a real sense.

The Chargers have flown out to a 2-1 beginning because of Philip Rivers and, all the more explicitly, his correct arm. With just shy of 1000 going yards through the initial three rounds of the period, Rivers has assumed the lions portion of the hostile obligation, representing 86% of the complete offense, just as having 1 of San Diego's 3 hurrying scores this year. Obviously, when Rivers is on (and he has been of late), the Chargers are an intense group to beat.

Then, all has not been well in Steeler country. Subsequent to dropping a hard battled challenge in the last seconds to Chicago, Pittsburgh indeed couldn't concoct a strong hour long exertion, surrendering 14 unanswered final quarter focuses to move to 1-2 with a misfortune in Cincinnati. For a group known for its protection matchless quality, this Steelers group has shown pretty much nothing if any similarity of the strut they conveyed during their Super Bowl run just a year prior.

Which gets us to Sunday Steeler city. What makes this coordinate so convincing is the way that one of these groups will be compelled to meet the challenge at hand. ufabet While San Diego has been running through yards easily, they've changed just a single score in 11 outings over to the red zone due generally to some degree to their total absence of a hurrying assault as Ladanian Tomlinson has been held out from one more injury endured in week 1. Then again, Pittsburgh has been less centered around completing drives and more worried on their failure to finish off games. In their two misfortunes, the Steelers have lost by a sum of 6 focuses, yet have been outscored in the final quarter 24-0 joined.

Something needs to give, regardless of whether it is a staggering offense or a blurring guard. From the outset, San Diego seems to have the edge. On top of their powerful passing, running back Darren Sproles has shown looks at breaking out as a strong trade for Tomlinson in spite of the way that the greater part of his yards are accumulated on kick returns. In the event that he can attract the protection for certain successive positive conveys, San Diego will be prepared to build up a decent assault with limitless potential.

The solitary disparity with this is the way that they are playing Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. Presently, I've never been one to take a lot of confidence in home field advantage, yet this sort of guarded failure isn't something the Steeler reliable will let occur on their watch. Search for Roethlisberger, the recently resuscitated carcass of Willie Parker, and a huge load of horrendous towels to give the guard the room it needs to gut out a tight one Sunday night. It will not be pretty, yet it will take care of business. Stay tasteful, San Diego.

Last Score: 23 - 21 Pittsburgh.

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