A Look Back at the Pac
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A Look Back at the Pac

One more week in the Pac-10, another impossible UCLA rebound and, indeed, another USC victory.

UCLA had the ball for 3:40 in their last three drives and scored three scores. I don't see a ton Stanford fouled up in their last belongings in guideline around there, shy several fragmented passes when they would have been vastly improved fit to running the ball and murdering the clock. They didn't turn the ball over at troublesome occasions, giving the Bruins a short field; they just couldn't stop UCLA any longer. The Bruins went 201 yards in 3:40. Thing is, they're not playing a total game; they need to sort out some way to play an hour by December 3.

Their crosstown foe, the Trojans of USC, recalled how to play a total game against an extreme Washington State group that, yet for a tad of karma a few decent bobs, could have a couple more successes in its pocket. The Trojans set up 55 focuses and held the Cougs to only 13; watching this game resembled watching a child beat up on his younger sibling. WR Dwayne Jarrett is amazing, and he's just a sophomore. I'm not exactly sure individuals understand the profundity of this group. Coming into the game, I figured Washington State planned to give the Trojans a migraine on offense. That wasn't the situation. The Trojans drove 28-6 after a quarter and tossed it in journey control after that.

Oregon squeezed one out over Arizona, yet it was a Pyrrhic triumph if there at any point was one. On back to back belongings, the Ducks lost QB Kellen Clemens (lower leg, out for the season) and Dennis Dixon for the rest of the game. m88win Clemens completes his vocation at Oregon as the Ducks' most exact passer ever, and he will be remembered fondly, despite the fact that Dixon adds the component of escapability to the offense. What's more, for the stalwarts who watched the game - the QB in close to the end for the Ducks should look natural. His name's Brady Leaf and his sibling's the previous Washington State star Ryan. Obvious by its nonappearance from more youthful Leaf's profile is any notice of his sibling - simply a reference to "two siblings".

Also, Washington, the most current mat of the Pac-10, was burdened with one more misfortune because of Arizona State. The Sun Devils sent a redshirt green bean under community for his initial beginning at QB, and Rudy Carpenter reacted with a Pac-10 Player of the Week execution. Woodworker, playing instead of Sam Keller, tossed for 401 yards and three scores. Obviously, it came against Washington. The Huskies couldn't get a passing game going, with Isaiah Stanback finishing only 40% of his passes.

What we've realized now of the period is that when a group goes into a game in light of an approach, and executes that strategy, they can shock another group for a portion of football. The groups can change - the USCs and UCLAs - that can make things troublesome on their rivals. USC has done it over and over this season, wriggling out of shortfalls against Oregon and Arizona State, however nobody has navigated a precarious situation this year very like the Bruins.

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