2007 NFL Playoffs – Seattle Seahawks Croak as Packers Kick Them Silly in the Snowflakes, 42-20
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2007 NFL Playoffs – Seattle Seahawks Croak as Packers Kick Them Silly in the Snowflakes, 42-20

Mike Holmgren's Seattle Seahawks did literally nothing to upset the significance of the NFL's most memorable scene at Lambeau Field Saturday (1-12-08) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the propelling Green Bay Packers.

Packer Quarterback Brett Favre (articulated Farve) had a 7-2 postseason record at home that is presently 8-2. He had a 4-2 record in the end of the season games against Seattle that is currently 5-2.

Favre is genuinely the best sign guest in National Football League history with a record 253 continuous ordinary season begins (second best in history at ANY position), a record 61,665 profession passing yards, a record 442 vocation score passes, and a record 160 profession wins, the most by any beginning QB.

Furthermore, gracious no doubt, Favre is the solitary 3-time NFL Most Valuable Player. He won in 1995, in 1996 when Seattle mentor Mike Holmgren instructed the Packers to the Super Bowl 31 title by beating New England, 35-21, and in 1997 when the Holmgren-drove Packers lost Super Bowl 32 to Denver, 31-24.

The Packers record for season finisher succeeds at Lambeau Field was 14-2 preceding Saturday. Presently it is 15-2, on account of Seattle. In a 2003 review by ESPN The Magazine, the Packers positioned as the No. 1 establishment among the 121 significant games groups in North America.

The Seahawks additionally did literally nothing Saturday to propel their odds of getting into their subsequent Super Bowl appearance in 3 years. Subsequent to leaping out to a 14-0 lead by changing over two bungles by first-year running back Ryan Grant into scores during the initial 4 minutes of the game, the Seahawks set down and died in some horrible, nightmarish way among the falling snowflakes at Lambeau Field.

The (we thought) vaunted Seahawk guard permitted the Packers to get once more into the game and overwhelm it by surrendering 6 straight score drives to Green Bay. It was down, set, match, period, end of season.

Goodness, the person that bungled twice to begin the game, เว็บพนันพันทิป he got done with 201 yards surging and 3 scores. Favre? He was 18-of-23 for 173 yards and 3 scores. Seattle put on a wretched surging showcase with an aggregate of in addition to 28 yards to 235 for the Packers. Same field, same snow descending, same tricky turf, same stopped up spikes.

Green Bay will currently progress to play the New York Giants (21-17 victors over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday) in the NFC Championship Game next Sunday. I trust the Packers rule the Giants a similar way they did the Seahawks.

The Seahawks will sit in front of the TV from this point forward, asking why they couldn't deal with the snowflakes in Green Bay. The appropriate response, obviously, was Brett Favre in snow-crazed conditions having a great time playing football.

So, the Seahawks guard never really lose, 42-20. They didn't fend off blocks. They didn't handle. They didn't cover. They didn't respond. They didn't bring their A Game against Green Bay's "pigs" in advance who ruled the line and the game. Disregard the cause trip. In the event that the 'Falcons did anything by any stretch of the imagination, for what reason did Green Bay score scores on 6 STRAIGHT belongings?

Mike Holmgren, the Seahawks, the Seattle fans, the proprietors, the mind trust, the Seattle media and myself didn't get what we needed. I requested excessively. I needed a game in which nobody gets injured on one or the other side of the ball that boils down to the last play in an exemplary encounter between two commendable groups.

Watching this season finisher game was agonizing for me. In the wake of enduring a whole season watching the Washington Husky protection raise uncouthness to an artistic expression, I needed to persevere through the Seahawks' apparently much improved safeguard get crushed. This isn't the manner by which you increment your fan base.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Chargers danced into the Indianapolis Colts' jungle gym Sunday and left with a 28-24 triumph against the safeguarding Super Bowl Champions making a course for advance to the AFC title game against the New England Patriots (31-20 victors over the Jacksonville Jags Saturday).

Try not to give me the entirety of this poop about the fact that it is so difficult to win out and about. Advise it to the San Diego Chargers, who had wounds to their stars, played a few scours and won at any rate. That is called want. That is called mentality. That is called guts. That is classified, "I would prefer not to dominate this match, I NEED to dominate this match."

What's more, presently for two disclaimers: 1) Brett Favre has been my #1 NFL player since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Favre is a gamer. I rest my case. 2) I am one of only a handful few Green Bay Packer investors who was not absolutely uphappy when Holmgren moved from training Green Bay to instructing Seattle.

I was brought up in Michigan and removed myself from my family by following the Green Bay Packers closer than the Detroit Lions. Allow me to say that the Packers have allowed me to down less throughout the years than the Lions.

I moved to the Puget Sound Area of Washington 34 years prior thus, obviously, I have become a supporter of the Seattle Seahawks. The solitary contrast is that I am a reasonable climate adherent of the Seahawks, as should be obvious. I don't apologize for it, I invest wholeheartedly in it. I disdain losing. It takes no ability to lose, it takes ability to win. Any awful can lose.

Holmgren has done well in Seattle. He has taken the Seahawks to the end of the season games 5 straight seasons, has won 4 successive NFC West titles, and has taken them to the Super Bowl in 2005, winning a NFC title en route.

Seattle needs more and better players, and it isn't Mike Holmgren's responsibility to get them. That task falls on the shoulders of President of Football Operations Tim Ruskell and Seattle Seahawk Owner Paul Allen.

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